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The TFA curriculum encourages learning through various methods, means and techniques.  This is based on the understanding that in a class, teachers have different types of learners. Children are differently gifted and express through different forms of expression– based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences.  Such activities allow students to explore, experience, learn and give evidence of their understanding through the literary, visual, performing arts, portfolios & projects.

Field trips help to take learning beyond the classroom. Children are able to associate formal instruction with actual exposure to real life situations.  Art helps to express performance of understanding, emotions, and creativity. Water play is not just fun – it helps to understand states of matter, touch & feel, estimation, use and importance of conservation.  Dance & Music help to let go one’s inner feelings - by singing with zest & zeal OR moving rhythmically to fluid or techno numbers! This works wonders for promoting self or team work.

Some of the other activities include - Movie-time every month, Special shows - magic show, kathputli show, assembly time participation, on-going GK awareness, enactments of value-based tales, follow-up on news, appreciating books / music / art.

Even at the end of the academic year, children keep coming back to school to take part in the interesting Summer Workshops. These activities help in letting them enjoy learning new skills in art, craft, dance, gymnastics, etc.

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  ◘ Water Play  

◘ Summer Workshops

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