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The Programme at TENDER FEET ACADEMY  does not follow any formal system of evaluation. There are NO tests, NO term-end assessments, NO final year-end exams. However for the purpose of implementation & on-going progress, the programme is divided into 2 terms -

TERM 1 : June to October 
TERM 2 : November  to April.   

The understanding of conceptual knowledge and application is assessed throughout the year, through informal and varied techniques, including - oral conversation, anecdotal records, project submission, worksheets, developmental checklists, visual depictions, ‘Funderstanding’ (Fun in Understanding- where children choose the topic they enjoyed the most and teach it to the rest), cross-class presentations, observation of social behaviour and a comprehensive profile.

The academic assessment is essentially a Qualitative analysis of the students’ learning outcomes, which are tracked on a monthly basis by the class teacher on a Personal Skills Development sheet (PSD). This monthly track record then forms the basis of the TFA Reinforcement programme - for students falling short of the minimum levels of learning (2 hours of one-to-one sessions on Saturdays).

The culmination of the student’s performance in each term is then reflected in the Term-wise Report Card, which shows the student’s progress in the areas of - Language skills, Numeracy skills, Social skills, General Awareness, Visual & Performing arts, Co-curricular activities & special  interests.

Assessment Assessment Assessment
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