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TENDER FEET ACADEMY has developed its own rich curriculum that caters to the developmental milestones. It is a unique blend of ‘fun while you learn’ and project based knowledge enhancement with thinking routines, Programmes of Inquiry, field trips, hands on approach, problem solving techniques with De Bono exercises, and so much more. The main objective of the curriculum in the TFA pre-primary years is to allow for growth & development in these areas:

• their neuro-muscular coordination - self-expression

• observation skills - health and hygiene

• habit formation - free play
• educational & manipulative toys/puzzles interactions  in small    groups
• motor activities involving simple exercises -  eye- hand    coordination
• use of coordinated muscular & limb movements
• self- help skills
• oral language skills of listening & speaking  pre- number    concepts
• study of nature/plants/insects/animals - areas of  visual  art    (craft, painting, clay)
• performing arts (music dance, drama, etc.)
• cultural & spiritual development
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