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  TENDER FEET ACADEMY timings  -         
  8:15am to 12.30pm, Monday to Friday (Saturdays - holidays except for reinforcement classes )  
Tender Feet Academy ensures that students experience a balanced mix of opportunities and experiences for all-round development. While Formal teaching is discouraged, a certain quantum of structured instruction is planned to ensure Minimum Levels of Learning. Over the 3 years, a child acquires the necessary Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing, social, emotional, cognitive skills, before entering formal schooling in Std 1. 


  • FOCUS  
  Here is the TFA Pre-primary daily programme, roughly: (no fixed schedule – children choose what they want to do, except for activities listed as italicised items)
20 mins Assembly :

Prayer, thought for a week, teacher/student enactment, quiz time, action songs, warm up, celebrations, birthdays, parent participation, etc.

30 mins Lunch : Freshly made balanced vegetarian meals with a variety of menu items
30 mins Outdoor : Sandpit time, cycling, jungle gym equipment, water play, ball & team games
Class time :

Integrated approach to cover Language, Math, art, social, music, project know-how and thinking skills

Weekly : Dance, Vocal music
Monthly : Movie Time, Field Trips, De Bono Exercises
Annual : Sports Day, Picnic, Concert
As and when : Festivals & Celebrations
The TFA curriculum follows the phonic approach to language development, based on sounds and associated symbols. In addition to this, students are exposed to sight words – high frequency words -in English. This allows them to acquire reading proficiency by quickly and easily decoding sounds & words.
Pre-writing activities commence in Nursery, followed by orientation to formal writing by the second term of Junior KG.  By Senior KG students engage in free and creative writing, to build confidence and mastery over the language (as per their age appropriate levels).  Strict assessment of spellings and format is not encouraged at this level, so that children get over the fear and inhibition to write freely.


◘ Co-curricular
◘ Experiential Learning
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