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The entire focus of education today is now learner centric and based on exploration, extension of thinking, experiences, application and understanding.  To foster this, teachers are now facilitators & guides.  Children are exposed to various Thinking Routines, problem solving techniques and in-depth learning, based on POIs or Programmes Of Inquiry.

This methodology empowers children by developing within them the skills required to be curious, to question, to effectively apply new knowledge in many different contexts, thereby truly learning, rather than memorising by rote.                

Some of the Thinking Routines covered in the TFA curriculum:

  -  DeBono exercises (for lateral thinking)
-  KWL (what I Know-what I Want to know-what I Learned)
-  CEC (Connect-Extent-Challenge)
-  Mind maps
-  Word Webs, inter alia

Some of the Programmes Of Inquiry that children experience during the year :

  Nursery (Tortoise - to understand and respect differences)
- Junior KG (Clothing & Transport, Life under the Sea - to understand differences, classification    and   making choices)
- Senior KG (Milk, Water, Camel - to understand changing states & uses of everyday items,    camouflage & adaptation)
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